Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit: The best destinations for New Year’s

The end of the year is one of the most anticipated dates, besides all the events that take place around this holiday, it is a great opportunity to think over what you did or did not do within the current year; and the goals you will set for the next one.

Therefore, celebrating in one the best destinations for New Year’s should be on your agenda, as it is a way of saying: I made it; I nailed it! In addition to having an iconic experience celebrating the end of the year on the beach, you can relax and enjoy the majestic beaches of the Mexican Pacific coast.

Events in the bay are countless, from the iconic New Year’s Eve dinners in several restaurants or the events hosted by different hotels and resorts across the bay to private New Year’s Eve celebrations on yachts or sailboats trips during which you can witness the grandiose fireworks and all the lights that shine throughout the bay.

This year, due to the new reality that we are experiencing in relation to COVID-19, some of the celebrations and events may change –mainly big public events–, and due to the new maximum occupancy in both hotels and restaurants and bars, I recommend you make your reservation ASAP.

The best option to fully enjoy this celebration is to book an all-inclusive hotel, since most of them offer New Year’s events, such as shows and a New Year’s Eve dinner. Thus, your only concern will be to, when the time comes, make a wish with each grape and have a glass of sparkling wine in hand to toast.

One of the most traditional things to do to in the best destinations for New Year’s: Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, is to book a classy dinner at a good restaurant. You can even book some of the resort restaurants in advance, such as Mozzamare at Marival Distinct or Insú or Divum at Marival Armony.

If you prefer something different and more private, you can book a New Year’s Eve trip on a catamaran, a yacht or a sailboat; the experience is unforgettable as you can enjoy your New Year’s dinner in the middle of the ocean and you will be able to witness the magic that is the bay at night. A special and fun experience.

You can also end the year enjoying a unique evening show on a beach away from the city and then savor a buffet-style dinner at the iconic evening show: SAVIA by Rhythms of the Night. The perfect choice if you go as a couple!

Another option is to simply enjoy the fireworks that different hotels, resorts, establishments and various people offer each year, which illuminate the skies of the bay and fill the night of this long-awaited celebration with color.

If you made it this far, you were surely excited merely by the simple idea of traveling and perhaps your next step is to book your last vacation of the year in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit: The best destinations for New Year’s. Make the beginning of 2021 sparkle while enjoying it on the beach.

Happy Holidays!