What do you need for a beach vacation?

Beach vacation must-haves

Beach vacation must-havesI share with you this complete guide of everything you need for a beach vacation. Here’s a list of must-haves on your next trip.

The last time I went on a beach vacation, I forgot to take my favorite sunglasses. It is something that I usually bring with me even in my daily life, but worrying about not forgetting other things made me forget them. While they are not truly essential, they are for someone who is used to wearing them and more if you are going to spend a good part of the day under the sunrays. I ended up buying some emergency ones and later on, in the photos, I discovered that I did not like so much how they looked. Although I do not consider myself a materialist and there are few objects in the world that I would miss, I felt frustration every time I thought about my glasses.

Beach vacation itemsWhen leaving on a trip, we often end up making quick preparations and then we realize that we forgot something that we would have liked to take with us, like some board games to pass the time or your child’s favorite toy. Or even worse… Did it ever happen to you that when you reach your destination you realize that you forgot something important? Imagine leaving your ID or cell phone at home. Then you could be in trouble.

Sometimes we spend months planning our trip and our mind goes through all the things we should take with us, but then we forget them and when we pack our bags we are so excited that we do not remember to put them in the luggage. Thinking about this, I have decided to make a list of things that you should not forget on your next beach trip and share it with you.


Must-haves for your next beach getaway

To facilitate the organization, I have classified the things that you should not forget on your next beach vacation according to their importance and the way you travel.

Beach vacation itemsThe essentials: These are objects that would be terrible to forget. As I said, make sure you bring your official ID, driver’s license, credit card, cell phone and its battery charger. If you go abroad, find out if your passport or a visa are required to enter the country you are traveling to. In the case of official documentation or electronic devices that can be damaged by water, it never hurts to put them in a waterproof protector or a sealable plastic bag to avoid misfortune.

Sunscreen lotionThe basics: Of course, if you go to the beach you have to bring bathing suits and sandals. Considering that surely those will be your clothes most of the time, also carry good sunscreen lotion. Remember that there are trademarks that on the packaging advertise a high protection factor but in reality they are not as effective and dissolve easily with water. I recommend that you ask your pharmacist about brands that are not on the shelves. Although those are more expensive, they are worth the investment, especially if you have sensitive skin. Of course, do not forget to pack your personal hygiene items.

Family casual beach wearAlways useful: Believe me, even if you are not used to wearing them, you will enjoy more your vacation on the beach with good sunglasses, and with good I don’t mean expensive. In the optical and department stores there are sunglasses that provide protection against UV rays at affordable prices. If you buy the cheapest in the street or local market, they do not have UV protection even if they say so. It is also advisable to pack lots of light clothing and a pair of comfortable shoes, since you will probably walk more than usual at temperatures you are not used to. A hat or cap can also help protect you from the sun.

Couple in formal clothesBetter to prevent: Although beach destinations tend to have a very pleasant weather, in some, the temperature drops at night. It’s a good idea to take a light sweater for night walks or activities at dawn. Also one or two casual but elegant outfits and shoes in case you go to a restaurant or a nightclub that requires a more formal dress code. On the other hand, coastal ecosystems are habitat for many mosquitoes, so a repellent can make the difference between having a good time or living a nightmare. A small kit with pills for common ailments such as headaches, stomach aches and basic cures can also save the day.

Reading at the beachTo have a better time: There are items that can better your vacation. It is always a good idea to bring a book to read in absolute calm facing the sea. You can also make pleasant your waiting times to board, check-in at reception, etc. It is not good to just depend on the cell phone for your entertainment, since you can run out of battery and by being immersed in it you can miss many other activities. Other objects which you can make more out of your beach vacation and have more fun with at the beach are snorkel equipment, submersible camera, board games and beach toys for your children.


If you like to travel light

If you want to have a vacation with everything you need for family entertainment without having to take it with you, the Family Emotion program at Marival® Resorts is for you.

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Family Emotion at Marival

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Whether you like to carry everything you need or prefer to travel light, I recommend making a list of what you need when planning your next beach vacation so you can make sure you have everything while packing, thus avoiding stress and having to spend on emergency purchases. Good trip!