25 Unforgettable Things to Do in Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit: Your Ultimate Guide to Adventure and Relaxation

Known for its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and rich cultural experiences, Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit offers various activities to satisfy even the more decerning travelers. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a taste of local cuisine, our list will guide you through the best this destination offers. You will discover new experiences and dive into the fun of your favorite activities. 

Things to do in Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit, México

We want you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Therefore, we have gathered the best 25 things to do in Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit and their locations and times, so your range of options is wide and varied. Dive into our list and select your favorites! 

Water Activities 

1. Nuevo Vallarta’s Beaches

Nuevo Vallarta’s beaches are renowned for their golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and diverse activities ranging from sunbathing, swimming, water sports, and local shopping. This beach is a haven for relaxation and family fun, with its calm waves and scenic beauty.  

  • Visitor’s Tip: Early mornings or late afternoons are ideal for quieter beach experiences. Remember to catch the stunning sunset views! 
  • Address: Nuevo Vallarta 63735, Mexico 

2. Bucerias Beach 

Bucerias Beach is a charming beach known for its golden sands and clear waters, ideal for swimming and water sports. The beachfront is lined with restaurants and bars, offering an authentic taste of coastal life. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Try the local seafood restaurants along the beach for fresh and delicious meals. 
  • Address: 63732 Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico 

3. Aquaventuras Park 

Aquaventuras Park is a family-friendly water park featuring thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and interactive dolphin experiences. It’s a great place to visit with kids and enjoy a day filled with fun and exhilarating experiences. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Check out the dolphin and sea lion show and consider booking a swim with dolphins for an unforgettable experience for kids and grownups. 
  • Address: Carretera a Tepic Km 155, 63732 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico 
  • Website: Aquaventuras Park
  • Instagram: Aquaventuras Park

4. Splash Water Park 

Splash Water Park is a destination perfect for families seeking adventure, offering water slides, wave pools, and interactive shows. It’s an ideal spot for family fun and cooling off in the sun. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Take advantage of the dolphin shows and consider booking a dolphin encounter for an unforgettable experience. 
  • Address: Carretera a Tepic Km 155, 63732 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico 
  • Website: Splash Water Park 

5. Sea Life Park by Dolphin Discovery 

This park offers interactive experiences with dolphins, sea lions, and other marine animals in a beautiful oceanfront setting. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Opt for the dolphin swim experience for a chance to interact closely with these intelligent creatures. 
  • Address: Carretera a Tepic Km 155, 63732 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico 
  • Website: Sea Life Park by Dolphin Discovery 

Cultural Activities 

6. Marina Nuevo Vallarta

This picturesque marina is filled with luxury yachts and surrounded by excellent restaurants and shops. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, dining, or setting off on a boating adventure. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Enjoy a meal at one of the marina’s restaurants with views of the beautiful boats and watch for seasonal art and craft markets. 
  • Address: Paseo de la Marina, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico 

7. Riviera Farmers Market 

The Riviera Farmers Market in Nuevo Vallarta is a bustling marketplace where you can find fresh local products, artisanal goods, and a taste of the local culture. It’s a great place to make friends and enjoy live music while strolling around the marina. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Visit early to get the best fresh produce and handmade crafts and try local street food. 
  • Address: Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico 

8. Bucerias Art Walk 

The Bucerias Art Walk is a cultural experience where visitors can explore a variety of art galleries and studios, showcasing the work of local and international artists. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Visit on a Thursday evening when the Art Walk is in full swing, and many galleries host special events and openings. 
  • Address: Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico 

9. La Cruz Market

La Cruz Market is a vibrant market where you can find fresh local produce and artisan crafts and enjoy live music in a lively atmosphere. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Visit on Sunday mornings for the full market experience and try some local delicacies from the food vendors. 
  • Address: La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico 
  • Website: La Cruz Market 
  • Instagram: La Cruz Market 

10. San Pancho Cultural Center

The San Pancho Cultural Center is a hub for arts and culture, offering a variety of workshops, performances, and exhibitions. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Check their schedule for special events or workshops during your visit to engage with the local arts scene. 
  • Address: Av. Tercer Mundo 12, San Francisco, 63729 San Pancho, Nay., Mexico

Wellness Experiences

11. Yoga on the beach

A guided yoga class is a must when vacationing at the beach. Marival Emotions, our all-inclusive, family-friendly resort in Nuevo Vallarta, offers guided classes you can enjoy for free during your stay. It is a great way to relax your muscles and begin your day in paradise on a high note.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Consider bringing a water bottle to make the most of your yoga experience by the sea.
  • Address: Paseo de los Cocoteros S/N, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay.
  • Phone Number: USA / CAN +1 (877) 469 3731
  • Website: Marival Emotions
  • Instagram: Marival Emotions

12. Cacao Ceremonies

Immerse in a tradition that enhances physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Delve into the unique chance to explore your spirituality through Cacao Ceremonies at Armony Luxury Resort & Spa. Allow cacao to envelop your soul, allowing you to feel in harmony with the universe.

  • Visitor’s Tip: To fully embrace this experience, come with an open mind and heart. Allow the essence of cacao to envelop your soul, fostering a deep connection with your inner self.
  • Address: Carretera a Playa Destiladeras km 8.3, 63734 Punta Mita, Nay.
  • Phone Number: USA/CAN: 1 (877) 222 0302
  • Website: Armony Luxury Resorts & Spa
  • Instagram: Armony Luxury Resort & Spa

13. Sound Healing

If you want your vacation to be a full relaxation retreat, Amony Luxury Resort & Spa’s Sound Healing Sessions are an activity you cannot miss. Calibrate your vibrational frequencies, achieving peace in life’s physical, energetic, emotional, and mental aspects.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Consider wearing loose and comfortable clothing to allow for unrestricted movement and a deeper connection with the healing vibrations.
  • Address: Carretera a Playa Destiladeras km 8.3, 63734 Punta Mita, Nay.
  • Phone Number: USA/CAN: 1 (877) 222 0302
  • Website: Armony Luxury Resorts & Spa
  • Instagram: Armony Luxury Resort & Spa

14. Mélange World Spa

Discover deep relaxation at Mélange, a spa that combines classic and signature treatments inspired by the best therapies in the world, performed in themed cabins that transport you to distant lands, from a Temazcal-inspired experience in the Mexico cabin to wine baths in the Italy cabin. The expertise you have depends on you.

  • Visitor’s Tip: If traveling with your significant other, try one of the romantic experiences available.
  • Address: Av. Paseo, Paseo de los Cocoteros 53, 63732 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay.
  • Phone Number: USA/CAN: + 52 (322) 226 9740 Ext. 8500 / 8501
  • Instagram: Mélange World Spa
  • Website: Mélange World Spa


15. El Tigre Golf Club

El Tigre Golf Club is one of Mexico’s most challenging and beautiful golf courses. Its lush green fairways and numerous water features offer a premium golfing experience.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Take advantage of the golf academy for a quick lesson or two, and remember to visit the clubhouse for a luxurious post-game relaxation.
  • Address: Paseo Paraiso 800, Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico
  • Website: El Tigre Golf Club
  • Instagram: El Tigre Golf Club

16. Flamingos Golf

Flamingos Golf is a renowned golf course known for its beautiful and challenging layout, set amidst stunning natural scenery.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Take advantage of the early morning tee times for cooler temperatures and less crowded fairways.
  • Address: Km 145 Carretera Tepic-Puerto Vallarta, 63732 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico
  • Website: Flamingos Golf
  • Instagram: Flamingos Golf


17. Vallarta Botanical Garden

A visit to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens offers a chance to explore lush tropical gardens, hiking trails, and a variety of native plant species, as well as endemic fauna such as iguanas, butterflies, and parrots, among others. 

  • Visitor’s Tip: Don’t miss the orchid conservatory and consider having lunch at the garden’s restaurant, ranging from $3 to $12 USD, for scenic views.
  • Address: Carretera Barra de Navidad Km. 24, Las Juntas y Los Veranos, 48447 Jalisco, Mexico
  • Website: Vallarta Botanical Gardens
  • Instagram: Vallarta Botanical Gardens


18. Rhythms of the Night by Vallarta Adventures

This immersive 5-hour dinner show perfectly blends a boat ride, spectacular performances, and a candlelit dinner under the stars. The show consists of music, dance, fire performances, and acrobatics, transporting you to ancient cultures and traditions.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Book in advance, as this popular show often sells out. Wear comfortable shoes for the walk to the theater.
  • Address: Paseo de la Marina Norte 435, Marina Vallarta, 48354 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
  • Website: Rhythms of the Night
  • Instagram: Vallarta Adventures

19. Punta de Mita Expeditions

Punta Mita Expeditions offers a range of water-based activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and whale watching, providing an adventurous way to explore the beauty of Banderas Bay.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Try their snorkeling tour to see colorful marine life up close. Booking in advance is recommended.
  • Address: Av. El Anclote, Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
  • Website: Punta Mita Expeditions
  • Instagram: Punta Mita Expeditions

20. Yelapa and Majahuitas Day Trip

A day trip to the secluded beaches of Yelapa and Majahuitas offers a serene escape from the crowds. These hidden gems are accessible only by boat, featuring pristine beaches and lush jungle surroundings. These are also among the favorite tourist destinations for couples.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Bring snorkeling gear to explore the vibrant marine life, and remember to hike to Yelapa’s waterfall.
  • Address: Playa Majahuitas 48422 Jal.

21. Sayulita Day Trip

A day trip to Sayulita offers a vibrant surf culture, colorful streets, and a variety of local shops and restaurants. This small beach town is known for its laid-back atmosphere and artistic community.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Try surfing here; it suits beginners and experienced surfers.
  • Address: Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico


22. Taormina Restaurant

Dive into the flavors of tradition at Taormina, a Mediterranean restaurant with Sicilian soul. Here, traditional recipes merge with innovative techniques in a welcoming space that invites you and your famiglia to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey. A visit to Taormina invites you to sip the flavors of the newest and trendiest cocktail bar, Fonsini, where mixologists curate a beverage menu that transcends the ordinary, infusing classic cocktails with a modern twist and introducing you to bold, unique concoctions that are as visually stunning as they are delightful on the palate.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Visit us for dinner and request to be sited outside to delight in the renovated space of Residences Plaza and the stunning sunset views of the region.
  • Address: Paseo de los Cocoteros 53, Zona Hotelera, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay.
  • Phone Number: +52 322 226 9765
  • Website: Taormina Restaurant
  • Instagram: Taormina Restaurant

23. Mozzamare

Indulge in the enchanting allure of Mozzamare, featuring a gourmet restaurant that stands as the pinnacle of a premium gastronomic journey, complemented by breathtaking landscapes. Revel in a comprehensive menu offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, served beneath a spacious open-air palapa. Immerse yourself in the splendid surroundings of Nuevo Vallarta while experiencing the exceptional hospitality of Marival Distinct.

  • Visitor’s Tip: A refreshing infinity pool dip adds a layer of luxury to your culinary journey. It’s the perfect way to complete your visit to Mozzamare and make the most of the splendid offerings at Marival Distinct.
  • Address: Paseo de los Cocoteros Lote 53, Villa 8, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay.
  • Phone Number: USA/CAN: 1 (877) 222 0302
  • Website: Mozzamare
  • Instagram: Mozzamare

24. Divum

Discover a 0 km experience at Divum. Located on the highest floors of Armony Luxury Resort & Spa, Divum’s signature dinners feature a farm-to-table concept inspired by the region’s rich gastronomic heritage, meticulously crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Savor the locally sourced ingredients with a mindful appreciation for sustainability at Divum; you will contribute to a culinary adventure that delights your taste buds and aligns with responsible dining practices.
  • Address: Carretera a Playa Destiladeras km 8.3, 63734 Punta Mita, Nay.
  • Phone Number: USA/CAN: 1 (877) 222 0302
  • Website: Armony Luxury Resorts & Spa
  • Instagram: Armony Luxury Resort & Spa

25. Insú

Recharge at Insú Sky Bar, featuring a high-rise infinity pool and a delightful menu of refreshing drinks—an ideal haven after a day of adventures and enjoyment. Unwind as you savor a flavorful, fruity cocktail and relish the mesmerizing light display that unfolds during the transition from day to night, accentuated by the rosy sunsets of the region.

  • Visitor’s Tip: Arriving in the afternoon allows you to relax, savor a fruity cocktail, and relish the mesmerizing light display while the sun sets over the enchanting region.
  • Address: Paseo de los Cocoteros Lote 53, Villa 8, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay.
  • Phone Number: USA/CAN: 1 (877) 222 0302
  • Website: Insú
  • Instagram: Insú

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best activities to do?

  • Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit offers a diverse range of activities suitable for all ages. Top activities include relaxing at Nuevo Vallarta Beach, exploring the Marina Nuevo Vallarta, enjoying family fun at Aquaventuras Park, experiencing the cultural Bucerias Art Walk, and taking adventurous day trips to nearby attractions like Sayulita and Punta Mita.

2. Is a good destination for families?

  • Absolutely! Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit is renowned for being family-friendly, with numerous activities and attractions that cater to both children and adults. From safe, beautiful beaches to water parks and interactive wildlife experiences, there’s something for every family member to enjoy.

3. What is the best time of year to visit Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit?

  • The best time to visit Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit is from April to June when the weather is pleasant and the tourist crowds are smaller. However, for whale-watching enthusiasts, visiting between December and March is ideal. Every season is excellent for exploring Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit; it will all depend on your travel preferences.

4. Are there good dining options?

  • Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit boasts a vibrant culinary scene, offering various dining options, from traditional Mexican cuisine to international dishes. The area is particularly famous for its fresh seafood and beachfront dining experiences. Check the dining section in this article for our top recommendations!

5. How far is Nuevo Vallarta from Puerto Vallarta, and is it easy to travel between the two?

  • Depending on your location, Nuevo Vallarta is approximately 10-15 miles (16-24 km) from Puerto Vallarta. Travel between the two is easy, with options including taxis, buses, and rental cars, making it convenient for visitors to explore both areas. Read the following chart for approximate distances between Nuevo Vallarta and the top attractions recommended in this article.

Read the following chart for approximate distances between Nuevo Vallarta and the top attractions recommended in this article.

PlacePopularityMiles/Kilometers Away (Approximate)
Nuevo Vallarta BeachHigh0-1 miles (0-1.6 km)
Aquaventuras ParkHigh2-3 miles (3.2-4.8 km)
Marina Nuevo VallartaHigh0-1 miles (0-1.6 km)
Riviera Farmers MarketMedium1-2 miles (1.6-3.2 km)
Yelapa and Majahuitas Day TripHighDistance varies (day trip)
El Tigre Golf ClubHigh1-2 miles (1.6-3.2 km)
Splash Water ParkMedium2-3 miles (3.2-4.8 km)
Bucerias Art WalkMedium4-5 miles (6.4-8 km)
Vallarta Botanical GardensHigh15-20 miles (24-32 km)
Rhythms of the Night by Vallarta AdventuresHigh10-15 miles (16-24 km)
Sea Life Park by Dolphin DiscoveryHigh2-3 miles (3.2-4.8 km)
Flamingos GolfHigh3-4 miles (4.8-6.4 km)
Nuevo Vallarta MarinaHigh0-1 miles (0-1.6 km)
San Pancho Cultural CenterMedium25-30 miles (40-48 km)
La Cruz MarketMedium5-6 miles (8-9.6 km)
Punta Mita ExpeditionsHigh16-20 miles (25.7-32.2 km)
Sayulita Day TripHigh25-30 miles (40-48 km)
Playa BuceriasHigh4-5 miles (6.4-8 km)
Paradise Plaza Shopping CenterHigh0-1 miles (0-1.6 km)
Armony Luxury Resort & SpaHigh22.5 miles (36.2 km)
Marival DistinctHigh9.4 miles (15.2 km)
Marival EmotionsHigh8.9 miles (14.3 km)
Taormina RestaurantHigh9.5 miles (15.2 km)

6. What are the shopping options?

  • Shopping in Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit ranges from high-end boutiques and galleries to local markets like the Riviera Farmers Market and La Cruz Market. Visitors can find everything from luxury items to handcrafted souvenirs and local artisan products.

As we’ve explored, Nuevo Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit is a treasure trove of experiences brimming with activities that promise adventure and relaxation. This destination truly has something for everyone, from the serene beaches to the vibrant cultural scenes and exhilarating outdoor adventures to luxurious spa days. Whether you’re a family looking for fun-filled activities, a couple seeking romantic escapades, or a solo traveler pursuing new experiences, Nuevo Vallarta will not disappoint.

Please note that information in this article, including specific events, locations, attractions, and hours of operation, may change due to various factors. We recommend checking with each venue for the most up-to-date information.

Choosing to stay at Marival Resorts, as featured on https://marivalresorts.com/, means immersing yourself in the heart of comfort and convenience. Our hotel offers easy access to all these fantastic activities and a serene haven to relax and reflect on your day’s adventures. With top-notch amenities, exceptional service, and a location that puts you at the center, we ensure your unforgettable Nuevo Vallarta experience. Come and discover why our hotel is the perfect base for your exploration of this vibrant destination!