Sayulita, a Town full of Magic, Life and a lot of Surf

Sayulita, a Town full of Magic
Sayulita, a Town full of Magic
Sayulita a small village famous for its surfer atmosphere and highlighted by its colorful patterns of the Huichol culture

Sayulita is located north of Nuevo Vallarta, in the famous Riviera Nayarit. A small village famous for its surfer atmosphere and highlighted by its colorful patterns of the Huichol culture.

Currently, Sayulita is also known as “The Surfing Capital”. Its beautiful beach has the perfect natural conditions to practice this sport. Its extensive coast is admired and visited by surf lovers, professionals and beginners, from all over the continent.

But its tourists are not limited to young adventurers. Thousands of travelers, foreigners and locals, of all different ages visit this little town, in the Rivera Nayarit, year after year. Without a doubt, its culture is a great attraction to visit this beach. Sayulita’s striking cobblestone streets and colonial architecture give this town an undeniable air of magic.

How to enjoy Sayulita

Enjoy Sayulita
Sayulita is also known as “The Surfing Capital”

For those who want more than surfing, Sayulita offers activities such as boat tours, horseback riding, hiking, zip lines and even the beautiful beach “Los Muertos”, just a short walk away. Additionally, you can visit the beautiful Marietas Islands and its “Playa del Amor” by boat and even see humpback whales and dolphins during the winter season.

Its beach is not only decorated with boards. The stalls, restaurants, and even artists give life to this place, whose population stands out for its great friendliness and kindness. During the day, the town square offers life and movement, with local shops, craft stalls and regional products. In each one of them, there is a great influence from the Huichol culture, which is impregnated all over this small town.

There is a great variety of restaurants offering endless options for all tastes. However, the regional cuisine  is clearly identified by the typical dishes such as the “Pescado Zarandeado”. Without a doubt, the riches of the sea are the stars of the  gastronomy in the Riviera Nayarit.

As the sun sets, the music and lights of bars and establishments give life to the nights of Sayulita; reminding visitors that this colorful town is full of energy. One example is the Sayulita Festival: “Cine, Música, Trago & Vida” This festival is held during the month of January and brings together national and international artists, cinema, music and surf lovers in an atmosphere full of joy and celebration.

The Environment

Another great attraction for tourists is its organic market and eco-tourism. Sayulita is formed and shaped around its environment and natural resources. Therefore, sustainable tourism is a priority. Due to its great variety of flora and fauna, as well as marine life, the authorities have various environmental protection programs.

The healthy interaction between tourists, locals and nature is part of the culture of this town.