The Spa Treatment, now 3 Times More Relaxing than Ever

America Ménage Spa Treatment
America Ménage Spa Treatment
With practicality and relaxation on focus, the USA has revolutionized the Spa concept with the 3 in 1 spa treatment: America Ménage Spa Experience.

The spa treatment: America Ménage Spa Experience at Melange World Spa is an experience consisting in 3 different treatments to be received simultaneously and in absolute coordination.

Nowadays, the spa treatment has become an important tool to relax and recharge before going back to the hectic every day routine. Through the years, these treatments have evolved adapting to our needs and tastes.

Through this evolution, every culture has a different approach. But no other culture has more focus on practicality than the American culture. Looking always for faster and better ways to do everything, the USA has revolutionized the Spa concept to be efficient and effective without sacrificing rest, relaxation or pampering.

With this in mind, I ventured to experience the spa treatment: America Ménage Spa Experience, at Melange World Spa. This experience offers the customer three services at a time in special units made for this purpose. Three experts apply a facial, manicure and pedicure at the same time, but the absolute coordination of these experts allows you to reach a state of total relaxation.

Getting Started…

Upon arrival, a friendly receptionist greeted me and asked for key information to enhance my experience, including skin conditions, medical treatments, etc. The most important part of this spa treatment is to customize every detail. So this information is very important in order to achieve the best possible result.

Once in the hands of the experts, the facialist will assess the skin condition and recommend the best facial. It is up to each person to take the recommendation or choose the facial of their preference. In my case, I followed the recommendation of the facial: Hydra Refine Seaweed Facial, designed for deep cleaning. Then I got to choose the color for the nails and the manicurist carried with an exfoliation with a cream of Dead Sea salts with mint and fresh seaweed.

When the hand exfoliation was finished, I was invited to take a seat in one of the Ménage America 3-1 spa units. They offered me a tuna canapé and a delicious whiskey based drink. Time to relax and enjoy the experience. The experts took care of every little detail.

When the Magic Begins

Melange Facial
The Spa Treatment America Ménage includes a luxury 85 min. facial of your choice

Once seated, the chair was adjusted to my size and I found myself ready for a full spa treatment. The pedicurist began to apply an exfoliation to the feet; While assessing areas that most needed attention. Both the scrub and the mask applied on the feet are part of the OPI Papaya product line. The products will help soften the feet and give a silk like touch.

While the manicurist continues to care for my hands with a soft touch, the facialist applies a cleansing cream on my face. This cleansing helps to level the PH and may vary depending on the facial selected. From this moment, steam is applied on my face to ease the deep cleaning.

After cleansing the face, the facialist exfoliates it to remove impurities and dead skin. This step is essential to achieve a young and fresh look. At the end of the exfoliation, the facialist applies a serum that provides nutrients and maintains the skin’s hydration.

When the serum is absorbed, the facialist removes the vapor to allow the skin to cool. At the same time, the manicurist proceeds to cover the hands with an anti-age algae mask. This mask also contains retina, which removes age spots and achieves a youthful appearance on the hands.

After your skin has cooled, the facialist applies a mask seaweed  and places the “Eye Rescue Pads”. These pads are create with a variety of teas that help eliminate tiredness and puffiness around the eyes.

The Final Steps

Finally, after removing the mask, the facialist applies the T-Zone Balance cream. This cream is intended to regulate hydration levels to keep your face glowing throughout the day. The facialist also advises me on the needs and conditions of my face, as well as a recommendation of products to keep the skin in the best condition.

Meanwhile, the manicurist and the pedicurist apply nail polish to my hands and feet. For a few minutes, they place a special dryer to ensure the polish is ready. In addition, they offer a delicious chocolate truffle to ensure the perfect closure of this spa treatment.

To be able to move without ruining the nail polish, the pedicurist offered me disposable sandals. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the quiet atmosphere and the background music in the lobby area. All details are carefully selected so that you can relax and absorb the complete rest after completing this spa treatment.

I leave Melange World Spa looking forward to have the opportunity to enjoy some of the other 8 World Signature Experiences offered.