The New Trend… When the Japanese Cuisine Blends with Mexican ingredients

Tuna Tostada / Salmon Tostada
Tuna Tostada / Salmon Tostada
Japanese Cuisine – Tuna Tostada / Salmon Tostada

Japanese cuisine has become popular worldwide as it offers a rich amount of exotic flavors that are very appealing to the Mexican palate. Actually, Japanese cuisine is quite trendy in today’s lifestyle.

Nippon food goes far beyond the popular sushi, serving many unique and delicious dishes, such as simmering stews and tempura textures. Japanese cuisine complements the flavor with the variety and nutritional balance.

Two thousand years ago, and up to less than a century ago, alien to the Western world and its popular cuisines, Japanese cuisine honored the flavors of rice from the Chinese territories and seafood, especially raw, from the sea.

The Japanese Cuisine in Mexico

In the 80’s the Japanese cuisine made a great leap to America with the famous Sushi. These pieces of rice stuffed or covered in fish, caught the attention of the most prestigious chefs. All this, without noticing the impact that this dish represented for the, until that moment,  exclusive and exotic Japanese cuisine.

Not only from the Sushi were the minds of the great chefs nurtured, but other dishes were also the perfect excuse to start making this a tradition, to embrace for the cultures of the world. This unchained the madness, a fever that reached delusions, that the food fanatics, known as Foodies, came to call “kitchen con-fusion”. Today this is one of the most unexpected and rich fusions known to world; the fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisine.

The unexpected fusion

From this moment on, the import of Japanese products into the country has greatly impacted in the flavors and textures of fusion cuisine. However, the most exemplary task comes on the perfect balance between the flavors of both countries, which from the start, have no similarities whatsoever.

Unlike other cuisines, Nicksan, located in Riviera Nayarit at Residences Plaza, next to Marival Residences Luxury Resort, not only offers Japanese cuisine. It offers an artisan experience in every way from the arrival to the last bite or sip of you drink. This is how this establishment of Mexican and Japanese cuisine fusion is described.

Ingredients like Chile Serrano, which can be found on our recommendation; Sashimi Serranito, mixed with original top quality ingredients from Japan, make this a unique dish. The particularity of the exquisite chili spiciness and the intense flavor of the sashimi will delight you fully.

Merger and pairing

In order to complement an excellent meal, Nicksan offers signature drinks that should not be missed. One of them is the Lichi Martini, which can be drunk as an appetizer. Another cocktail that we recommend is the Saketini, a drink based on a frappe Gin and premium sake. This cocktail can be found in various flavors such as cucumber and Serrano.

Nicksan goes above and beyond. It’s experiences are born from the mix of traditional ingredients of two cultures on opposite sides of the world. Resulting in the birth of incomparable flavors that no other restaurants like this can offer.