Nuevo Vallarta attractions that will change you forever

Nuevo Vallarta Attractions

Nuevo Vallarta attractions come in all shapes and can change your perspective on life.

Mexico is a beautiful country with a thousand magical wonders for travelers and visitors to enjoy. But, any person who dares discover Nuevo Vallarta attractions will find more than a few surprises in this hidden paradise. Most often, visitors simply tuck a piece of it away in their hearts, dreaming of the next time they will have a chance to come back.

10. You will stop looking for a cactus in the middle of the desert

Nuevo Vallarta AttractionsAfter being greeted by a colorful city, you will find a town traced by green mountains and the deep blue ocean. That’s when you will realize the Caribbean is not the only tropical paradise in Mexico. Nuevo Vallarta attractions offer a beautiful mix of vibrant authenticity, lush forests, and heavenly beaches.

9. Not all tacos are created equal

MozzaMare TacosWhether at a street stand or a gourmet restaurant, tacos come in all shapes and sizes. Make no mistake; no fast food chain can ever match the authentic flavor of a delicious Mexican taco. Nuevo Vallarta is undoubtedly the best place to find them. Fear no taco, for each of them will bring a party of flavors to your mouth. My favorite ones can be found at MozzaMare during lunchtime.

8. You become very critical of the activities available.

Nuevo Vallarta ActivitiesAfter going on safari hunting for Humpback Whales and seeing the Hidden Beach of the Marietas Islands, the limited range of activities in other places will seem like a joke. Not many places can offer a morning of zip lining through the jungle followed by an afternoon scuba diving through coral reefs. Nuevo Vallarta attractions and activities will ensure you do not get bored.

7. Gold is always better than white

Nuevo Vallarta Golden SandDreaming about a crystal clear water and sand as white as chalk? Nuevo Vallarta will make you change your mind with its turquoise ocean and golden beach. Here, nature decorated the sand with a million golden specks that will sparkle under your feet. No white is a match to this radiant show that goes on all day, every day of the year.

6. An endless search for good Guacamole back at home

Nuevo Vallarta GuacamoleGuacamole is one of the biggest Nuevo Vallarta attractions. It is the central focus of the poolside menu, the main restaurant and every place that serves food. By the end of your vacation, it will be a given during every meal. Then, you go back home. That is when the search will start. A hunt for guacamole that tastes half as good as it does in Nuevo Vallarta. Let us warn you…. you will fail.

5. Hatching turtles will haunt your dreams

Nuevo Vallarta TurtlesIf you have never seen an enormous sea turtle laying its eggs, you are missing quite a show. But, if you have not seen a tiny baby turtle released into the ocean, you are missing a magical moment. Only after seeing these beautiful creatures making their way to the sea, can you appreciate the delicate equilibrium of nature.

4. The realization that fish can be better than shrimps

Pescado Zarandeado Nuevo VallartaMost of us dream of seafood dishes when visiting the beach, but fish… not so much. Not the meal you would expect to fall in love with. Nevertheless, if you dare discover the local cuisine of Nayarit, you will have to try the “Pescado Zarandeado.” A delicious and original dish that will change the way you see fish forever.

3. Tequila shots are not meant to be cheap

Nuevo Vallarta TequilaAfter learning about the origins of tequila, you will find yourself appreciating the art of creating this spirit. You will also understand that quality tequila is meant to be sipped and savored. Long gone will be the days where tequila was only there to get you drunk. Before you know it, you will be trying to explain to your friends how to enjoy a sunset with a taste of tequila.

2. You will never buy another boring souvenir

Nuevo Vallarta Huichol artworkFacing the arduous task of finding a meaningful souvenir has never been easy. Once you admire the beautiful Huichol artwork, finding a token will become much easier. Since the Huichol culture is undoubtedly one of the main cultural Nuevo Vallarta attractions, its handcrafted creations will make for a very representative and sentimental memoir.

1. Sunsets will overpower your phone

Nuevo Vallarta SunsetsWell… your phone, camera, social media, computer and every place you can put a picture on. Sunsets are at the top of the list of Nuevo Vallarta’s attractions because every evening is a new sunset and every sunset brings new colors. Before you realize it, you will run out of storage thanks to all the sunset pictures you took; Especially at a Sky Bar like Insu, where the view is a privileged one.

So, consider yourself warned. After a vacation in Nuevo Vallarta, you will have to come back for more.